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Meditation through Poetry

A memoir of mindfulness

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Guided meditations

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Extract from ‘Meditation through Poetry’

“I sit still as I watch my thoughts pass by, some fly past and others take time. I am not getting involved in the play of my mind. I remain detached, and stillness I find…”

About the author

‘Meditation through Poetry’ is the brainchild of Nikita Thakar, who started writing poems as a form of expression as a child. She later used her writing as therapy, and took the brave step of sharing them to inspire and uplift others. Each poem is designed to take the reader on an inner journey, towards peace and self-discovery.

Nikita offers courses, workshops & retreats both in person & online, imparting tools and techniques for wellbeing and mindfulness.



"Beautifully written and presented. A perfect accompaniment to a nice cup of tea, at the end of a busy day."

"Meditation through Poetry is a book you can pick up at anytime of day. The poems are short and easy to read, bringing an instant state of calm and peace."

"The ideal book to put under the coffee table or on your bedside table. Mindfulness at its best..."

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Berkshire, United Kingdom
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